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Home Products Molten Aluminum Permanent Magnet Stirrer

Molten Aluminum Permanent Magnet Stirrer

Molten Aluminum Permanent Magnet Stirrer Molten Aluminum Permanent Magnet Stirrer
Product name : Molten Aluminum Permanent Magnet Stirrer
Details :
Permanent Magnet Stirrer/Permanent Magnetic Mixer

Molten Aluminium Permanent Magnet Stirrer is the auxiliary equipment of the Aluminum 
Melting Furnaceor Aluminum Holding Furnace. The magnetic stirrer is used to speed up 
the melting speed, improve themelting efficiency , lowering the buring loss .

Permanent Magnet Stirrer is a Stirring Equipment/Mixing Machine that widely applied in
the aluminum etc. metal industry when melting.The Permanent Magnetic Stirrer is an 
alternating magnetic filed producer which is made up of special permanent magnet.
Operating Principle of the magnetic stirrer:
Permanent Magnet Stirrer would make the alternating magnetic field when permanent 
magnet working, then to stir and mix the metal molten. There are equipped with multi-level
magnetic fields in the permanent magnet stirrer, which can produce the waving and 
alternating magnetic field drove by the motor, the magnetic filed and the aluminum etc
metal would produce the inter-active magnetic acting force---the metal would be mixed 
and stirred drove by the magnetic working force
Composition of the Permanent Magnet Stirrer:
a.    Special permanent magnet
b.    Air cooling system
c.     Auto lifting system
d.    Electric control system
Mounting methods of the Permanent Magnetic Mixing Machine:
a.Bottom Mounted (under the aluminum melting or holding furnace)
b.Side Mounted (Beside the aluminum melting or holding furnace)
Application of the Permanent Magnet Stirrer: 
5MT-60MT Aluminum Melting furnace and Holding Furnace for aluminum alloy or high 
purity aluminum industry, aluminum scraps recycling industry etc.
Advantages of the Permanent Magnet Stirrer:
1.    Making the chemical composition of the molten metal much more well-distributed 
and balance
2.    Non-contacting mixing and stirring mold, avoiding being “Secondly polluted” the 
molten metal. It is the reliable technical guarantee of the high purity aluminum 
industry and the aluminum alloy industry that need to strictly control the trace element
3.    Shorten the melting time, speed up the melting speed, much more high efficiency and
energy saving. The Permanent Magnet Stirrer can be started mixing when there is about
1/3-2/3 molten , speeding up the heat exchange between the molten metal and 
non-melted raw materials. It can improve the melting speed: 13%-20%; energy saving:
15%-24%;lowering the burning loss: 0.5%-2%
4.    Making the temperature of the molten metal much more uniform. The difference between
the surface and bottom of the molten metal can be controlled within 5-8 ceni degree, 
which can avoid the molten over-burning because of over high temperature
5.    Improve the purity of the molten metal. The molten metal is mixing when stirring, which
can help the non-metal impurity and gas liberate
6.    It can reduce the oxidation sludge, so as to reduce the furnace cleaning frequency , 
extend the using life of the furnace
7.    The permanent magnet stirrer can help the oxidation sludge gather on the surface of 
the molten, which is good to slag-off and down the labor working force
8.    It is sturdy and durable, long using life---more than 8 years.
9. High reliability& energy-saving, free-maintenance ,free-pollution
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