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How to pick up a suitable model of Aluminium extrusion press?

How to pick up a suitable model of Aluminium extrusion press?

Author : Judy Wei Date : 2013-1-17 17:32:48

How to pick up a suitable model of Aluminium extrusion press?
    –Aluminium extrusion press model selection tips

1. Confirm the target market (Architectural , building, Industrial, Automotive )

2. Usually depend on the Max. Cross sectional dimensions. (Aluminium extrusion press model determines how large of an extrusion profile can be produced. Extrusion size is measured by its longest cross-sectional dimension, i.e. its fit within a circumscribing circle. A circumscribed circle is the smallest circle that will completely enclose the cross section of an extruded shape.)

3. If aluminum profile cross sectional is too complicated. For example, there are many the bucklings at the sectional layout, means the extrusion resistance will be larger, then need to consider larger model of aluminium extrusion press.

4. The aluminum alloy of aluminum billet. (Usually the 6063 alloy is good for making the building profile for window and door. 6061 alloy is used for making for industrial profile. If it is other harder alloy, so it needs larger model aluminium extrusion press cause by bigger extrusion force.

5. Output and efficiency. If your desire output is large, then consider adopt one large aluminum extrusion press and one small aluminium extrusion press, large press for making the large profile and small press for making small profile. For example, if you want to making the output about 300T profile for window and door, then you can consider adopt one 600T press and one 1000T or 1250T press. 600T press is used for making the small window frame profile and 1000T or 1250T press for making the large door and window chute profile. Then you can improve the production efficiency. 

If you are not sure which model of aluminium extrusion press is suitable to you, we will give you good suggestion according to your aluminium profile cross sectional drawing.

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